There are many opportunities to cruise from LHBC, either alone or in-fleet. With the islands and nearby ports an easy one-day trip, Lorain affords a multitude of easy to reach and entertaining destinations.

Below is a list of currently scheduled cruising opportunities for the 2019 season. Where details are available the item will link you to more information and any necessary forms to complete to join the group for that outing.

Annual July Cruise Week to the islands

June 4-7 - Weekend Cruise to Huron Boat Basin

July 16-19 - Weekend Cruise to Kelleys Island

Sept 11-13 - Weekend Cruise to Middle Bass Island?

On-line guide to Great Lakes port facilities

Visiting Canada

Due to COVID-19 non-Canadians are present barred from entering Canada.

Those planning to land in Canada should be aware of various customs issues. For example operating a VHF radio in Canadian waters requires a VHF station license and operators license. There is no regulation regarding sailing through Canadian waters, but landing in a Canadian port requires a check in with Canadian Customs. Upon returning to the US you must contact US Customs Border Patrol. You can streamline your return with either an "I-68" form or installing the "Rove" application on your smart phone. Of course a passport is required to land in Canada.