FirstSail Experience
at Lorain Harbor Boat Club

"FirstSail" is a nationwide program promoted by US Sailing -- the national sailing authority for the United States. It's intended to give adults interested in sailing an opportunity to explore if the sport is right for them by leveraging the skills of US Sailing members and organizations across the country to take new comers to the sport out for a sail.

Lorain Harbor Boat Club, through its educational foundation, is a registered provider of US Sailing's "FirstSail" program. We provide a FirstSail experience on sailboats of 25' to 30' in length that come equiped with auxiliary power and a main and jib (sloop) rig. Each vessel is skippered by a USCG Licensed Captain, and your safety is our utmost concern.

Each vessel can carry up to four participants. The class is geared toward adults, but youth can participate if accompanied by a parent/guardian.

This is a working sail with participants expected to contribute to the operation of the vessel for a full sailing experience. Participants must be agile enough to move about in the confined space of a 25'-30' sailboat while the deck is also heeled up to 30 degrees out of horizontal. Think of it as an "introductory sailing class" as you explore whether sailing is right for you.

The sail is preceded by a half-hour safety review, where you will be fitted for a life jacket and receive some basic safety instruction.

We do not presently have a set schedule of sailings. Please contact us if interested.

The participation fee is $40/person. Payment is by cash or check only. (Make check out to "Lorain Boating Education Foundation" or "LBEF.") Fees are collected on the day your sail.

Your sailing may be canceled at the last minute due to weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to reschedule on a mutually available date, and no payment will be taken until your sail begins. Be sure to inclue a cell phone number with your application that can be reached should the event be canceled at the last minute.

Preparing for your Sail

Weather on the lake can be much different than experienced on land. Winds can be cooler, sun can be more intense, steep waves can kick-up quickly and rain can be unexpected. The FirstSail program has policies about what weather is acceptable before we ever leave the dock. But weather can change, and it's best to be prepared. Therefore, you should plan for your trip by considering the following suggestions:

FirstSail is targeted to Adults; youth and children are welcome if accompanied by parents/guardians and are mature enough to participate in this sailing activity! Unaccompanied youth will not be boarded.

Please contact us at to determine if a First Sail can be coordinated with one of our volunteer skippers. Thank you!