Education Offerings - Open to the Public

A primary mission of the Lorain Harbor Boat Club (LHBC) is boating education. Over a decade ago the club established a 501(c)3 tax-deductible foundation, known as the Lorain Boating Education Foundation (LBEF), to operate and fund our educational offerings. Since then a number of our members have acquired their US Sailing Instructor certifications for both youth and adults. And some of our members have acquired US Coast Guard Captain's licenses. Every year we are working to expand our offerings to our members and the public in general.

LHBC Educational Offerings


The US Sailing "First Sail" program is a nationwide program conducted at the local level to introduce or re-introduce the joys and excitement of sailing to everyone. The program is targeted at adults with varying levels of sailing skill from none to experienced. Groups of up to four per boat take a two hour sail on Lake Erie under the guidance of US Coast Guard captains on sailboats of 25' to 30' with auxiliary power. The First Sail experience is a full immersion trip where you will be asked to participate in the running of the boat. Think of First Sail as your first sailing lesson and your personal voyage of discovery to see if sailing is right for you.

At this time we do not have a firm schedule for offering the First Sail experience. Please contact us if interested.

Small Keelboat for Adults

The club provides this basic sailing class aimed at adult sailors interested in acquiring skills sufficient to allow them to safely operate their own sailing auxiliary. The class provides basic sailing skills as well as more advanced knowledge such as understanding basic weather, navigation, boat operation under power, docking and many other subjects. We conduct the class in four session spread over two weeks in the second half of June. The class is divided between classroom "chalk talks" and lots of on-the-water practice time. Those that pass a standard exam provided by US Sailing will be awarded a nationally recognized certificate.

Junior Big-Boat Sail Camp

The Junior Big-Boat program is a four-day (one week) sail camp meant for teens from 13 to 17 years old. The camp operates from 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Thursday with Friday reserved as a make up should the weather not cooperate. The camp includes alternating time in the classroom and on the water learning the skills needed to familiarize each camper with all the major positions on a small keel boat. Since sailboat racing offers a framework for learning all the positions and all the points of sail, the camp works toward running the participants through a series of short races on the last day. The class' on-water experience is facilitated by volunteer certified instructors using 26' open-cockpit sailboats with auxiliary engines. Campers are divided into crews of about 4 per boat so that everyone gets a chance at each position aboard.

On the Saturday following completion of the camp, time is scheduled to allow each camper to take up to three (3) family members out for a sail to demonstrate what they've learned.

Spirit of America Youth Boating Camp

The "Spirit of America" program has been operating at LHBC for over a decade. Originally a program operated by the Lorain City Schools, it now is coordinated by the Lorain County Metroparks as part of their summer camp programs. The week-long day camp is meant for youth, 12 to 14 years old, to learn how to be around and on the water in powerboats, sailboats and various personal watercraft. The club contributes to this program through donation of its clubhouse and basin and the many LHBC members who volunteer their time to staff the week-long camp. Usually there are three different sessions each summer. Campers earn their OBEC (Ohio Boaters Education Class) licenses upon completion of the camp.

This activity is coordinated through the Lorain County Metro Parks but conducted at the Lorain Harbor Boat Club.